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Switch Limited Run #41: Double Switch Classic Edition


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Double Switch on physical cartridge for the Nintendo Switch. The Classic Edition is limited to 1,500 copies available worldwide. Region free.

This game features reversible artwork and a full color booklet. Which cover has been sealed outwards has been randomized by the factory.

The Double Switch Classic Edition includes:

  • Double Switch on physical game for the Nintendo Switch
  • 18 x 24 inch poster featuring all-new art from illustrator Paul Mann
  • Original, never before seen, 18-page Double Switch concept document
  • Double Switch soundtrack on cassette tape
  • Double Switch 25th Anniversary Edition logo decal

We will be sending out original production material with random orders. Every copy ordered has a chance to come with autographed Screen Actor's Guild sheets, production photos, or press kit slides!

WARNING: This item is limited to TWO per customer.

Please Note: All sales are considered final and cannot be canceled. We plan to ship this item out in November. No other items in your order will ship before ALL items in the order are ready. Please plan your purchase accordingly.