If you're about to purchase from us for the first time, this helpful guide will arm you with the information you need to stand the best chance of snagging our games! View our Japanese purchase guide at 購入ガイド.

The most important thing to know is that our games really are limited. We try our best to hit a supply level that keeps our games in stock for a few hours or days, but sometimes that perfect number is hard to gauge and games can go fast. You may miss out on what you want - but fear not. If you do miss out on a game you really wanted, there's a chance to grab a copy from us at a future convention booth of ours, in a blowout sale, or at a future LRG popup shop. Keep an eye out for details.

For every game we release, we are required to hold back around 10% of the run size to properly prepare for any catastrophic shipping errors that could occur. These rarely happen, meaning a month or two after a game release we could have a pretty sizable pile ready to sell to fans. Keep in mind that we're most inclined to help out longtime customers as well as really friendly or polite fans. If you're maintaining a complete LRG set, we'll do everything we can to make sure your streak isn't broken. We're gamers and collectors too so if you have a personal story surrounding a game you missed, let us know and we might prioritize your case.

Now - on to the tips!

  • We sell in two batches with every sale. If you miss the first 10 AM batch, there will always be another batch at 6 PM Eastern Time on the same day. If you need help converting that time, you can utilize Google by searching "6 PM Eastern Time in my time".
  • There is NO reserve on items that you have in your cart or at checkout. Our site sells on a first-to-checkout basis, meaning the faster you complete checkout, the better your chances are of getting what you want.
  • You can add a box to your order. Shipping Boxes can be added to an order if customers do not automatically qualify for a shipping box. If an order meets any of the following requirements it will automatically go out in a shipping box.

What ships with box:
-Contains at least one CE (any platform)
-Contains at least two games with at least one being PS4/PS5 or Xbox.
-Contains at least three Switch games.
-Contains at least one Display Stand.

What ships in a Bubble Mailer:
-Full order is a single standard game only (any platform)
-Full order is two standard Switch games.

Apparel only orders will ship in a PolyMailer.

  • Log in to any necessary accounts five minutes prior to a sale. If you don't have an LRG account to store your address, create one - if you have one, log into it ahead of time. If you use PayPal, log into that five minutes ahead of the sale as well. Do anything you can to shave precious time off of your checkout process.
  • If you plan to pay with a credit card store your card info ahead of time. While our site doesn't offer a way to store your credit card data, many browsers like Google Chrome offer this functionality at a browser level. This all goes back to saving time at checkout!
  • Make sure to try and buy from both batches until you're successful. The first batch (10 AM EST) represents about 70% of our inventory while the second (6 PM EST) is around 30%. If you want, you can purchase in both batches (as long as you adhere to the per customer limits listed for each item. Please note, limits are per customer across both batches. If an item is 1 per customer you can't order 1 copy in each batch and be within the limits)
  • Address Changes. Any requests to edit shipping addresses must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the Sunday following the run and can be done so by filling out the form at this link.
  • Cancellations. Please note when placing any orders with us we do consider all sales to be final.
  • Shipping. Typically our products are estimated to ship within 2-5 months. Specific shipping updates and information can be found here.

Thanks for checking out these tips. We hope you have a great experience buying from us and we thank you for your support!

If you have any additional questions we didn't get around to explaining in this guide, please submit a ticket to our customer support at support.limitedrungames.com.