Are you a game developer with a released or upcoming digital-only PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita title? We would love to potentially work with you on a limited run physical release for your game!

Why work with us?

  • We finance your entire run. If your game doesn't sell well, you are not at any risk.
  • We do all the work for setting up packaging and ordering product - you can choose to have us design your package, or you can design it yourself. That's your choice!
  • We market, sell, and ship your game directly to customers through our site.
  • We are armed with engineers, test kits, and dev kits from our development side and are able to help in the creation of media ready builds. If you don't have time to build your game out, we can do it for you.

We set up Limited Run Games to help make limited physical releases a reality for more developers. We knew there would be two things holding most people back - 1) risk and 2) effort. We assume both of those burdens so you can just keep focusing on development.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. Initial sales of your game go towards paying back the cost of the run (which is literally just what we pay for the games - not our salaries or overhead). After that is paid off, we split any remaining sales 70/30 in your favor. That's a standard digital revenue share - exactly what you'd expect to give up to sell your games through most digital storefronts! Since we will sell your game at a higher price than your digital price tag - you stand to make the same or more per unit than you do digitally, even after considering the cost of goods.

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